In many ways, Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity is a very simple movie: it’s about a pair of American astronauts who survive a horrific accident while trying to repair a satellite and must do all they can to stay alive. Watch Gravity Online Free In many other ways, Gravity is an astoundingly complicated movie. Those who recall the epic “six-minute shot” from Mr. Cuaron’s brilliant Children of Men will be thrilled to learn that the director has now upped the ante in virtually every department of visual storytelling. Not only does Gravity feature a handful of wonderfully lengthy sequences in which there are no cuts — or the cuts are invisible — but he employs eye-popping, jaw-dropping digital effects in masterful fashion, and his cinematography (by master DP Emmanuel Lubezki) turns quiet scenes into art and action scenes into something truly splendid. Watch Gravity Movie It certainly doesn’t hurt that our astronaut heroes are Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, but again: Cuaron doesn’t use his movie stars as flashy props. The names might sell some tickets, but both actors are simply great here. Clooney is his comfortably charming self as the veteran astronaut; Bullock, as a computer genius on her first space mission, is sweet and frightened, but also sharply intelligent, noble, and brave. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney could find chemistry in any premise you can cook up, but they’re an especially appealing team in Gravity.

Watch Gravity Movie Online One of the very few films that has allowed / forced me to enjoy 3D filmmaking (along with Martin Scorsese’s Hugo and James Cameron’s Avatar), Gravity is quite simply one of the most suspenseful, intense, and consistently stress-inducing adventure movies I’ve seen in years. It starts off like a shot, delivers its necessary exposition in a masterful fashion, and then proceeds to destroy your nerves for an hour straight. Backed by a truly beautiful score by Steven Price and a dozen intangible assets you’ll want discover on your own, Gravity simply kicks all kinds of cinematic ass. Download Gravity Movie The most beautiful thing about Gravity is how CGI, 3D technology, and endless hours of mechanical work are used in the service of a sweet, suspenseful, and wonderfully satisfying story about simple human nature. So many filmmakers use their million-dollar toys to distract us from warmth and humanity — which probably explains why so many film buffs have grown to adore Alfonso Cuaron. The flashiest visuals in the world mean nothing if you don’t actually care about those two astronauts who are floating away deep in outer space.

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Actually, you’ll probably ask yourself that question over and over again, since Cuaron’s long-awaited follow-up to 2006′s brilliant, but criminally-underseen “Children of Men” is a trailblazing masterpiece that tops “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Star Wars,” “The Matrix” and “Avatar” as one of the great game-changers in Hollywood history.

Sandra Bullock plays medical engineer Ryan Stone, while George Clooney plays space veteran Matt Kowalski. While the astronauts are performing a routine spacewalk to repair the Hubble telescope, disaster strikes: high-speed debris from another destroyed satellite cripples their space shuttle, leaving them cut off from the earth and floating free in the vastness of space. With their oxygen supply running low, Stone and Kowalski are forced to endure one gripping race against time after another in their efforts to find another ride home. But anything that can go wrong does go wrong (and then some), so think “Apollo 13″ on steroids, and you get the idea.

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For a filmmaker known for pushing the cinematic boundaries with longer, uninterrupted takes (especially in “Children of Men”), Cuaron takes the process to an incredible level in “Gravity.” Three takes amount for more than a third of the 90-minute movie, while the first scene alone runs for 13 nonstop minutes. As impressive as that is, it also gives the space disaster epic a tremendous amount of realism, since this is undoubtedly as close as moviegoers will ever get to experiencing the weightless sensation of floating through space stations or tumbling end over end in the void.

Adding to that realism: there is no sound in space, and Cuaron stays true to that rule by making the soundtrack do all the work. Instead of employing all the usual crashes and explosions found in space-set action thrillers, composer Steven Price uses electronics and acoustic instruments to accentuate the dramatic spectacle. But the musical score is also rousing and beautifully effective, since it hits all the right emotional notes.

Fortunately, the technical prowess of “Gravity” doesn’t overwhelm what is ultimately a powerful, profound, life-affirming story, where the immediate danger is juxtaposed with moments of sublime beauty and existential reflection. And carrying the weight on her shoulders is Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock (Best Actress for 2009′s “The Blind Side”), who gives a tour de force, career-defining performance. She deftly balances physical commitment, emotional vulnerability, intelligence, resourcefulness and strength, and it’s refreshing to see a strong role like this go to a woman when it could easily have gone to a man. George Clooney has far less screen time, but he’s still effective and proves that, even in space, he still knows how to turn on the charm.

Movies fly in and out of the cineplexes at light speed these days, but here’s hoping that “Gravity” will stay docked there for as long as possible. That’s because if there was any movie in recent years that stands as a trailblazing Hollywood groundbreaker that has to be seen on the big screen in IMAX 3-D, it’s this one. So, brace yourself for the ride of your sweet life, and get ready to ask yourself “How’d they do that?” over and over again.

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